Our first fresh newborn of the new year……and oh is she a gem!!  No crying, no peeing, no pooping, no need for breaks.  She is a hard act to follow!  And gorgeous, too…

Julianna’s mommy sort of sheepishly brought in a HUGE hanging bag and asked if we thought she was crazy to want a portrait of her baby in her wedding gown.  No way!  I just think she is brave…..and genius!  And since she is such a rock star girl, Julianne kept everything nice and clean.  Can you just see this image in the slide show at her rehearsal dinner?  Love!

  • Ashley J - Oh my gosh, that 3rd photo is KILLING me! I want her 🙂

  • Kayla F. - I love them! I love her! Love u jewels! Love auntie kayla!:DD

  • Katie - Juliana is so beautiful and these pictures capture her so well! I love them all but the third picture makes my heart so super happy!

  • Aisha Crumbine - I love, love, love that first photo. And only Nadiya would be so genius to do the wedding dress photo! Beautiful.

  • Jason - I love the Family Picture and the one with Julianna holding her head up 🙂

  • Jeff - That pic of her asleep, with the headband: priceless.

  • Nadia Dickson - Picture #3 is adorable … those cheeks are so cute

  • Raychel - Oh my gosh, Nadiya she is BeAuTiFuL!!! Not that I expected any different, look at her parents! The 1st photo is amazing and the 3rd one is to die for. So precious! I am so happy for you guys and glad that jelly bean got a real name!

  • Nina - Beautiful!

  • Krystal Danielle Carter - OMG.
    Photo 1 is such a classic family portrait: i love it. It seriously belongs in a magazine somewhere!

    The brave decision to put Julianna in the wedding gown= genius. I especially love love love this picture! How much more awesome would it be should she chose (in 30 years) to wear this gown on her special day!

    Photo 3 = priceless.

  • Jamey - Beautiful baby, beautiful family!

  • Devin LaFave - She is very cute!! I can’t wait to see her!! Love Devin LaFave

  • Darlene - I love the pictures..She is passed adorable.

  • Erika - She’s adorable! I can’t believe you were able to get a newborn to pose with her head in her hands! That’s a really awesome shot.

  • Gwen - Those pictures are soo cute! Especiallt the 3rd picture! 🙂

  • Jackie Clark - You were right, Nadiya….I haven’t stopped smiling….OR looking! I can’t! Absolutely beautiful!!! I wonder which oneS of these Godmommy’s going to have in Mobile soon?!?! : D

  • Aerielle - #3’s my favorite!!! : )

  • Melissa - What an angel! Beautiful pictures.

  • Bernadette (Granny) - The most BEAUTIFUL BABY in the world, I love all of the pics she is already a ham.

  • Audrey Simon - Picture number 3 (holding her head in her hands) is priceless. Beautiful baby.

  • Kathy Davila - She is absolute perfection!!!! Only Nadiya would think ahead with the wedding dress idea. I’m sure that will be setting a trend.

  • Carmen - Julianna you are such a beautiful girl! Nadiya and Andre you are going to be great parents. Love u all. Carmen

  • Sandra Hardy - I love the portrait of the entire family especially. I also love the photo with the baby in the mother’s gown it was a stroke of pure genius and love.

  • Lisa Jemison - Wow! What a beautiful baby girl!

  • Debra Carreathers - Nadiya these photo’s are priceless. Congrats on the precious bundle of joy. Blessings always to you and your family. Debra

  • linda jackson - my god those are the most beautiful pictures, And the pose on #3 is dareling.

  • Gia Johnson - Nadiya she is precious!

  • Tanina Reese - God’s Blessing! She is beautiful!

  • Cynthia Bell - Julianna is so absolutely beautiful!!! The family picture is my absolute favorite!! You and Andre are so blessed! The picture with the bow on her head is a really good one also. What a beautiful family!

  • Sadie - Wow! Love the pics! I would order the largest size print they offer of #3. SHE IS AWESOME! Can’t wait to meet your angel in person! Good call on the wedding dress. Not surprised the idea came from Nadiya…

  • Christina Eubanks - Congratulations!! What a blessing to have a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I love love love the one with the hair bow.

  • Sara S. - She is absolutely precious!!

  • Troy Williams III - Great pictures you all look great especially in the first one, but that third one, how in the world did you all get her to pose like that! Way too cute 🙂

  • Shannon Miller - Love her…all beautiful!

  • Anissa Edwards - Congratulations!!!I Love the family pictures.

  • Vicki L. - What absolutely gorgeous pictures! I just want to hold her!!! Love the poses!! The family picture is my favorite! Keep up the good work with the pictures!

  • Kathleen Sandlin - Pix are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful pix! Thanks for sharing. ~ Kathleen

  • george mitcham - nice photos! You will turn around one day and she’ll be in college, so enjoy while you can.

  • Gayle Clift - I loved the one with your wedding dress. So clever to take that picture while she is a newborn. When Julianne is engaged someday, she will love you for thinking of that. The third picture is perfect — looks like me at work today! LOL I can’t wait to hold her. So perfect, so beautiful, so blessed ~ Gayle

  • Jill Beadle - Nadiya-she is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures. The one holding her head up is my favorite.

  • Christie Perry - Oh my goodness…Ms. Julianna put the “P” in PRECIOUS!! Picture #3 has to be the sweetest photo ever! She is such a blessing for two wonderful people.

  • Sherry - Such a beautiful baby! I love the pictures.

  • willie - The 3rd pic is a hard act to follow.The 3rd pic is a hard act to follow.She is so beautiful, She has already taken her own place in this world.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations again. Love the family pic shows much love.
    Enjoy your BLESSING. She is truly a blessing.

  • Terre - Absolutely beautiful pictures, especially the first and third ones! You have a beautiful family!

  • Lupita - What a great family pic, it certainly belongs in a magazine cover! Julianna with the headband is priceless!! Superb idea with the wedding dress!!! What beautiful pictures they all are. Many blessings to all of you!

  • Theresa Portales - All the photos are precious. They each show a different facet of Julianna’s personality. Mom and Dad are VERY blessed!

  • Sheila - You know what they say about a picture – this is what they meant!! – I have no words to compare… just WOW 🙂

  • Kristin Kidd - Gorgeous photos! Julianna is precious and the family photo is awesome, too.

  • Angela - This has to be the most BEAUTIFUL baby girl I have ever seen!!! My mom sent this to me, she works with the mom – I cried when I saw this and I don’t know them, but WOW!!!!

  • Yolanda J - What a beautiful family portrait. Julianna is a little angel. I really love all of her pictures. The third one is so cute, but I love seeing her eyes open in the second picture. Enjoy these special times!

  • Paula Gonzales - Such a gorgeous baby, Nadiya! And composition of the 3rd picture is PERFECT. Love the lighting. Love the props. Love the pose. Love the baby. Love it all!!! Congrats!!!!!!

  • Derinda Nickel - Words can’t even describe how beautiful she is!!! I love all of the pictures–AMAZING!!! Congrats on your precious bundle of joy!!!!

  • Natasha Wilson - She is precious! These photos…all of them…are amazing but I love the “head in hands” photo! How beautiful she is and how blessed you are! Love you guys!

  • Jermaine E - I love the photos. I especially like picture #3.

  • Dianne Johnson - Fabulous pictures…I cannot pick a favorite love them all. Very happy for the 3 of you.