Congrats #3

…to me!!

After being a scuba diver since the age of 14, working as a dive instructor in some amazing places around the globe and going on dive trips to specifically see this creature….it finally happened!  Albeit at an aquarium, but still.  People, this is a whale shark!

Clearly, our little future marine scientists were also in awe…

At the Georgia aquarium, they also have a manta ray on exhibit in this amazing tank.  Our little girl Ava is quite the snorkeler and actually saw one on her first open water snorkel last year in Hawaii (at age 4!).  I hope her luck holds up on these sightings!

This was a really great (although super crowded) aquarium and we really recommend a visit!

  • heather - Hey Angela – I was a dive instructor for 15 years! I wonder if we ever crossed paths? And yes, beautiful creatures regardless of which waters you see them in 🙂

  • admin - Hey Heather! We worked in Palau on the Sun Dancer II for three years in the late nineties…..and we met in the Turks and Caicos. Where did you work? -Angie

  • Atlantis Divers - Angela, These are WONDERFUL! You have a true gift! We love the excitement you captured in the little girl’s face.

  • Kimberly DeWeese - You are just incredible. My pictures are no where close to this from Atlanta. You would think we were at different aquariums! : – )