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We had a blast and come back in one piece!  Skiing with a kindergartener and a toddler doesn’t really lend itself to carrying a camera, but I had the little point and shoot in my pocket.  It made its way out and into my mittened hands a couple times… Our fabulous hosts…the Huffmans! and here’s…

  • Tammy - Love your photography! The photos in this post are great, what kind of point-n-shoot do you use? I’ve been looking for a good one, so that I too don’t have to lug around my big camera with my own kids all the time.

  • Dad - The best way to keep up with you. We love you all (Sharon and I).

  • admin - thanks Tammy! The point and shoot that I use is the Canon Powershot SD 870. The first 3 were shot with that, the last few with my Canon 5D. It’s really tiny and it works great!

…to me!! After being a scuba diver since the age of 14, working as a dive instructor in some amazing places around the globe and going on dive trips to specifically see this creature….it finally happened!  Albeit at an aquarium, but still.  People, this is a whale shark! Clearly, our little future marine scientists were…

  • heather - Hey Angela – I was a dive instructor for 15 years! I wonder if we ever crossed paths? And yes, beautiful creatures regardless of which waters you see them in 🙂

  • admin - Hey Heather! We worked in Palau on the Sun Dancer II for three years in the late nineties…..and we met in the Turks and Caicos. Where did you work? -Angie

  • Atlantis Divers - Angela, These are WONDERFUL! You have a true gift! We love the excitement you captured in the little girl’s face.

  • Kimberly DeWeese - You are just incredible. My pictures are no where close to this from Atlanta. You would think we were at different aquariums! : – )

…to my dad!! After a whirlwind Christmas trip to my mom and step dad’s house in Indy, we packed up and drove down to Dalton, Georgia, for my dad’s wedding on the 28th (consequently, my wonderful husband’s birthday!).  My new step mom is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside,…

  • Lisa Ellis - Ang-

    These are wonderful!! Great job on being two people at once!!!


  • Dad - Ang,

    As usual, priceless !

    PS, being in the wedding avoided the sitting fee.

  • Jane - isn’t it wonderful to add these wonderful people to our extended family! The princess table is a fabulous touch for those lovely young ladies. Congrats to Sharon and Bill.

  • Michelle - You did a great job. I bet your dad is so proud of you. It’s so nice that you love your stepmom.

A very worthy diversion from ALL the work to be done tonight.  But I just had to share this site.  If in Dallas, surely you’ve seen all the billboards……i am second.  Are you? {added….Dec 17….I am so so so excited that so many people are as touched and humbled by this site as I was. …

  • Kristin - I am second.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂
    (By the way…I love and admire your work!)

  • emilythurmond - wow. this pulled at my heart and has challenged me more than you will know. life changing… what an awesome way to spread the word. thank you for shearing this wonderful link.

    your work is breath taking. just wanted to say hi. keep up the great work!

  • Megan - We don’t have these billboards out in California and I so wish we did! This is amazing! What a great way to spread God’s truth!

  • Rachel Langan - Thanks for sharing!!! I live in Philadelphia and had never seen this but LOVE LOVE LOVE it and am going to share it with others. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

  • Amy - Wow! I had not seen those! Had to post it on my blog! Thanks for sharing..its a great little reminder this time of year : )

  • Jynna - Thank you for sharing this website. As my husband and I struggle to have another child, I am reminded by this site that it is not my plan or my timing it is his and that I need to relax and let him take control.

We are so blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Christa - Beautiful

  • LISA PAVIN - Are these the crazy dogs??? LOL

    You guys look great. Wish my husband is a “natural” when it comes to posing but instead he’s a …..what was Angie’s words? A DORKO?!?!!? That still makes us crack up!!!!!

  • admin - Lisa…Haha!!! NO, no, no Corey is so not a Dorko! But yes, now you know my trick for getting the “natural” smiles and laughs out of the hubbies who kinda look at me like a deer in the headlights. LOL. And yes, these dogs are our crazies.

  • Ruth Williams - Matt & Angie you have such a beautiful family. I love these – they really capture your love for each other! My gosh the kids are huge!
    Angie – really its not fair that you are that beautiful 😉

  • Jennifer - these are beautiful gorgeous work!

  • Jen - good grief these are awesome! I love Cal’s face in the family pic 🙂