I’ll have to say, I get a little nervous before we photograph older kids.  I don’t know…..I’m so used to the little ones and the antics involved with making them giggle and smile that I’m so afraid Matt and I will look like total dorks to teens!  Well, these guys (who we last photographed SEVEN years ago!) were SO AMAZINGLY NICE AND FUN to photograph!  The whole family is just easy and fun and warm.  Now that Zan is off at college we were happy to capture these brothers together again!

  • rachelle - So I have been following your blog for quite some time now but don’t think I have ever commented before. I just couldn’t resist though with such amazing photos. I love the photo with the reflection of the boys in the water.

  • Raine - Same here! I’ve been following this blog for a long time and now I felt the urge to express my thoughts! I like your photos but I particularly enjoyed seeing this photoshoot! Great photos! Complimenti!!!

  • Cindy - Love these boys; Love these photos!!! Great job catching their personalities and their bond with each other. Very nice job! (can’t wait to see the Christmas card!)

  • Kelly Reed - Thank you, Angie and Matt! Not only are the photos artistic and beautiful, but they also capture my boys’ personalities and relationship. Thank you!!

  • Melanie wielar - These photgraphs are amazing and truly capture the personalities of this awesome family!!

  • Rene - Great photos! I love how you captured the true essence of brothers.

  • Anne Palles - I love Mitchels red shoes! Such great memories, Kelly.

  • Liz Vilmar - Brotherly love!!! really sweet to see them smiling at each other, makes you think they actually like one another—JK-I know they do

  • patti - These photos are really great. They have so much life and personality.

  • Liz Vilmar - love the water reflections too!
    Kelly- thats a ton of testosterone in that house, are you sure you don’t want pink tulips to counteract?

  • Laura Scott - What amazing pictures of these handsome young men! Great photography with great subjects. Bravo!!!

  • Zan Reed - I like the photos a lot! Especially the one where we are leaning against the tree, it is a really cool perspective!

  • Zan Reed - I like the jumping one also because it captures us in midaction and I like the water splashing all around us, it really shows how us standing there is a result of our jump. Sounds silly, but I really like how it was capturing our actions. It gives life to the photo.

  • Jennifer Royall - These are awesome. I love all of them but of course the ones with the reflexions on the water are just fantastic. The boys look so happy to be reunited and so handsome. Great job!

  • Cyndi Poe - Great pictures…wow, all the boys are growing up…seems like yesterday you guys were our neighbors!! miss the Reeds!!

  • Heidi Imhof - These boys are such fun and it shows in your pictures. Love bare feet!!

  • Claire - Absolutely awesome! Such great creative images too!

  • Lois - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Love them!!