William (1) + webinar!

We had waited some time to see Mr. William….his mommy decided to wait for his first portraits till his birthday so we could do the CAKE!  Yummy!  Such a cutie…

Thanks to everyone who has an interest in a mentoring session!  Like I said before, I have a one on one mentoring deal next month here at the studio…..Matt and I are going to see how this works with our schedule and consider if we can offer it on an occasional basis.  Our shooting schedule during most of the year is way too crazy to offer it throughout the year, but again, we’ll see and let everyone know how this first one works out.

But!  I will be participating in a PPA webinar on this coming Monday (February 1) at 4pm eastern time.  It is a panel discussion on top performing home-based studios and “how we do it.”  If you are interested in learning about the business side of things (and hello? who wouldn’t?  🙂 ), this is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from myself and 2 other studios.  Click here to learn more and sign up!


Happy Thursday!


  • Tira J - Hi Angie! I signed up for the webinar and I am super excited to hear what you, Ann and Steve have to say. I would absolutely love love love to come see you in Dallas. My friend is moving back in June, so maybe after that we can connect. I forgot to mention that one of your albums was on display at Imaging at the Leather Craftsmen booth. So wonderful!

  • Emily Potts - I’m signed up and soooo excited! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  • adrian - Working with Angela and Matt was just fabulous!! They are a fantastic and professional team who work very well together. Of course, we think this picture of William is the cutest thing we have ever seen!! We can’t wait to view more!! Thank you for capturing such a beautiful moment.