What to wear??

Wondering what would be the perfect outfit for your fall portraits? Well, normally I’d say anything that is casual, comfortable and appropriate for the weather. I also never suggest things like giant hair bows and peter pan collars. But this time of year, we always have folks that really want that summer-y feel to their portraits and dress in all white. I’d really like to show you little Savar from our shoot today. We have been photographing this little guy since he was in his mommy’s tummy. Isn’t he yummy? It was chilly today, and hey, it’s fall…so his soft hoodie sweater and warm trousers were perfect. Mom and dad wore comfy shades of brown. Fabulous! So keep the white slip dresses for the little girls in the closet till spring (they’ll thank you, too…..its cold out there in the morning in a summer dress and no shoes), and feel free to bust out some cozy sweaters, funky hats, and warm jackets…and take a peek at a slideshow from Savar’s shoot for some more inspiration.