Welcome 2008!

Breathe in and out…in….out…..

There. Much better.

The craziness is over and we’d like to thank all of our amazing families we worked with last year for by far our best year yet! We are so blessed to have been chosen to document each one of you…your trust in us is not taken lightly. Matt and I hope your holidays were peaceful and filled with lots of fun moments with your kids!

We are so excited to be looking forward to an amazing year of change around here. The long (and I mean long) awaited new studio is actually ready and Matt and the girls have been busy hauling our business out of our home. I will have an actual home for the first time in…..well, ever! No more worrying about our kids crying too loud or the dog barking too much past the studio door. Yippee!

I am busy designing a new website….and a new logo….for a fresh look for our classic style. The whole shebang will be a breath of fresh air for us. Look for updates just as soon as I have them!

In the meantime, enjoy these images from our sessions this week:

Oh my gosh look at this gorgeous couple! The way he looked at her made me want to almost melt…

Here is a family with 2 little red head beauties. We saw big sis last when she was just a peanut.

Little man is now a big brother! He was super sweet with his new baby bro….When we photographed big brother when he was a newborn, we got a shot of him all bundled up in daddy’s hands in that deep newborn sleep. This time baby brother was WIDE awake. For so long! About the closest we got to sleep was this sweet half-yawn. No way was he missing this photo party!

These guys were such a trip! Baby sis with those bright eyes and 2 very hilarious siblings. Big sis said (repeatedly) “I was BORN to dance.” So, after our work with the 3 of them, we let them loose to show us their moves. Stay tuned for a later post to see some pics of that!

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  • Melinda Worthington - Beautiful work!