We’ve had a crazy summer around here!  Lots of travel and lots of sessions in the most beautiful places in America…and more to come! So far we’ve been to Florida and Wyoming, and coming up we’ll be in Indiana, Michigan, and Colorado. And not to mention all the gorgeous babies we’ve seen in the studio~we are so blessed to be busy! A downfall of being busy is that I’ve had very little time to dedicate to sharing images of all the families we’ve captured. I do a little bit better job on Instagram and Facebook than here on the blog, so make sure to like us on social media!

Onto this bunch, whom we love so much! We’ve captured twins Walt and Sophie every year since they were born, and this year we had the opportunity to photograph them while on vacation in Idaho, just across the Tetons from Jackson Hole. Seriously so beautiful there! Thanks again, Fagelmans! We are so honored to watch your family grow through the years!