Wall-o-Canvas Numero Uno

Many thanks to our awesome clients in LA who sent this image over today.  I was so bummed we couldn’t be there to hang these bad boys….but…count ’em up!  There are eleven large canvas wraps on that rockin’ wall.


(Can you see on all the edges?  We matched them to the color of the beautiful blue leather ottoman)

Next up, we will be hanging our own wall-o-canvas tomorrow in our kitchen, and then we have another going up in the studio next week.  Clearly, this is my new favorite thing!

  • Tira J - Oh Angie. These are stunning. I love how you matched the blue. Very creative. Can’t wait to see what’s up next.

  • tina r. - Love it! I adore canvases too 🙂 I need a display like this in my house