Viviana(4)+Grant(2)+Julia(8 days)

What happens when you get the calmest, most patient big sister and brother together with thier tiny new sister?




and this…..



and this…




  • Laurie Saldivar - Absolutely beautiful Angie….and love your new blog!

  • Jill Cornelius - Your work is absolutely stunning! The 2nd image with the two older children looking at the camera just blew my husband and I away. You truly have a gift! Love the new blog and watermark too.

  • Kathy Krey - I love the interest and depth in these pics! They have such a “story” to them that you just can’t stop looking at them. These are the prints that you’ll want on your wall for years b/c they will never get old and will always seem to have something more to say. You certainly add to the beauty in this world. Thank you. 🙂 -kathy

  • Christy - This images are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the new blog!

  • Ashley - Thank you Angie! Amazing once again! We LOVE them all!