Little Thomas, just 5 days new….

  • Yris - Just amazing

  • Janay - PRECIOUS! He’s just adorable. So happy for you guys! Gorgeous pics!

  • Virginia - What amazing pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Annetta Gower - Thank you so much for capturing our little man so perfectly! We LOVE these and are just in awe of them! They seriously make me tear up! Love, love, love!!

  • Matthew Reed - Beautiful pictures y’all are a precious family and have an awesome photographer!

  • Jessica Mendez - Those pictures are beautiful!

  • Terry Trammell - He is beautiful!!! I love the pictures.

  • Natalie - Aww!!! How Beautiful!!!! Love the pics and i am so happy for yall deserve all the Happiness in the world!!!!

  • Paula - These are phenomenal pictures. Love the way your photographer captures y’alls uniqueness. What a beautiful family!!

  • Adrienne Herron - Beautiful!

  • Cecilia Martinez - Thomas is so adorable! GREAT pics.

  • Lupe Diaz - they look like pictures from a magazine just awesome.

  • Lisa - He’s just perfect and so adorable! And the pictures are absolutely amazing!

  • Tammy Estes - So cute. What sweet sweet photos.

  • Jessica Caballero - These are so good! Your baby boy is the cutest ever! Great photography!

  • Demeca Hobbs - Annetta and Jason, you did so good! He is so cute. I love the picture with his little hat. He looks like a doll. He is amazaing!

  • Heather Garcia - Those are beautiful. He just looks so peaceful yall are a amazing family.

  • Mary Martinez - Oh Annetta your pictures are So So Adorable. They made me cry and yet be so happy for you both. What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  • Deborah - Beautiful pictures! Thomas was truly ready for his photo op. Job well done, you guys look great and sooo sweet!

  • Lea - Beautiful family and amazing pictures! He is just precious!!!

  • Miranda - AMAZING!!!!! Your photographer did an amazing job, your lil man is adorable and if course you all are just captured in true form. Congrats again!!

  • Jason Gower - My thanks to the Weedon team for these great pictures! Having these precious memories will be priceless for a proud parent.

  • Jennifer Houston - Precious….he is just a doll!

  • Matthew Reed - Oh my I just can’t stop looking at these photos! You are an awesome artist and your work is greatly appreciated thank you so much for the sincereness you put into each picture! My Nephew, Sister and Brother in Law look awesome!!

    Thank You,

    Matthew Reed

  • Linda Reed - Very beautiful pictures, beautiful family, very proud Gama.

  • Shelley Rodriguez - Just Oh so sweet! Thomas is just precious and you guys look amazing! Great photography! Love you guys!

  • Diana Diaz - Adorable pictures!!! My favorite is the first picture but they are all amazing.

  • Marci Owens - The lighting in these pictures is amazing!! Have you ever photographed such a beautiful family? Of course, I am the proud the grandmother!! Amazing pictures!~