We are so blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Christa - Beautiful

  • LISA PAVIN - Are these the crazy dogs??? LOL

    You guys look great. Wish my husband is a “natural” when it comes to posing but instead he’s a …..what was Angie’s words? A DORKO?!?!!? That still makes us crack up!!!!!

  • admin - Lisa…Haha!!! NO, no, no Corey is so not a Dorko! But yes, now you know my trick for getting the “natural” smiles and laughs out of the hubbies who kinda look at me like a deer in the headlights. LOL. And yes, these dogs are our crazies.

  • Ruth Williams - Matt & Angie you have such a beautiful family. I love these – they really capture your love for each other! My gosh the kids are huge!
    Angie – really its not fair that you are that beautiful 😉

  • Jennifer - these are beautiful gorgeous work!

  • Jen - good grief these are awesome! I love Cal’s face in the family pic 🙂