Tess (10 days)

Beautiful Tess, just hangin’ out….

  • Ashley Resecker - These are precious photos…You will cherish these for a lifetime!

  • Heather - What a beautiful little girl and creative photo. I love how you have captured the peace in the early days of life.

  • Letty Mancin - Craig and I are so lucky to have such a sweet baby girl. Thank you for capturing that, Angela! We cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!!

  • Sara - She is so beautiful! The photography is amazing! I love both of them!

  • Melissa Chapoy - Great photos!!! I especially love how she’s holding her face in the first one!

  • Davin and DeNarcus - We can’t believe how beautiful Tess is! You know yes we can because she came from such beautiful people.

    These images are AMAZING! The one on top is our favorite. The way the photographer captured her sweetness, is priceless. Great job!

    Love you guys,
    D & D

  • Cindy Shelley - Cutest pictures ever! That baby is adorable. I love both pics!

  • Sharon Riggs - Beautiful girl! Beautiful photographs! Angela, you captured a sweet spirit! Both pictures had me smiling and laughing. What more could you ask?

  • Kelsey Valdez - Letty and Craig – all I can say is ADORABLE!!! I can’t wait to see them all. Tess is such a little blessing and I am so happy for you two. Beautiful Pics!!!

  • Patrick Valdez - What a blessing! Tess is beautiful – Congrats!

  • Judy - She is beautiful. These pictures will be treasured by all. Can’t wait to meet her!

  • granddad Mike Riggs - Absolutely wonderful pictures… so tiny, so new, so beautiful. Hello Miss Tess, and congratulations to your proud parents Letty and Craig. Love, Granddaddy Mike

  • HANIM - Absolutely stunning! These are wonderful, I know you will enjoy them forever, and so will Tess!
    Remember, a baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for!
    Congrats! She is beautiful!

  • Carmen Knuppe - So cute, she was worth the wait!! Congrats Letty and Craig!

  • Renata - She’s so adorable. These are great pics. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Michelle Barrow - Those are the most adorable pictures I have seen ever! I want the contact of photographer. Tess is an Angel. Letty and Craig you are both blessed with a beautiful sweet girl!

  • Alicia Dewar - SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! i love those cheeks!!! Congrats Letty and Crais, Tess is so precious!

  • Wendy Meadows - So sweet & precious!!! I cannot wait to meet her! She looks son snuggley!

  • Sheena - How precious! I love the 1st picture, that is just adorable! Congrats Letty and Craig!

  • Mayte - Congrats Letty!!

    She is too cute!!! Bring her over soon so that we can meet the super model in person:)!!