A couple weeks ago we packed up our family to head to Atlanta….it was an honor to be asked to photograph this awesome family again!  It was a bonus that we also got to spend time with my dad who lives in Atlanta too.  Gotta love summer!!  This was such a fun session…..the kids are amazing, the light was perfect and the parents are just so laid back and wonderful.  Mr. Zach is the perfect addition to this bunch.  🙂


  • Phoenix Arizona Photographer - Beautiful pictures! Great session!

  • Stacey Maris - You have done it again!!! Every time I think they can’t get better but they do!!

  • Jenilee - What a beautiful family! Russell and I so enjoyed these recent pics. We hope to meet Sarah Elizabeth and Zachary Randall soon and see Taylor! Wow, they are growing up!

  • Jennifer Little - Love these pics and this family! You did a wonderful job capturing this family!

  • Misty Boachie - The absolute essence of family–love, joy, and having fun together. Love the red toes, Stacey!!

  • Teri Danish - Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Aimee Escamilla - These photos are great and really capture the essence of the family. Wish we were in Atlanta too to have our pictures taken. Great job!

  • Kofi - You guys look wonderful. Such a beautiful family.

  • Letty - These are awesome!

  • Marsha Zahn - WOW-these are great photos. I have the cutest grandkids ever!

  • Steph Shawn - Photos are amazing! Love those kiddos. Nice Birkenstocks, Kev. 🙂

  • Amelia - Wow – amazing pictures of a beautiful family! I’m so jealous now (and mad at myself) that we didn’t take advantage of this happening in Atlanta!!

  • Kim Gold - Amazing!! Great job capturing the love and happiness of such a wonderful family!

  • Mike Standard - Excellent photos – three great looking kids, and the parents don’t even look tired (so they must be extremely well behaved kids too). 😉

  • randy finley - These are really beautiful!

  • Bill Shawn - Really fantasic pics. Great subjects and someone behind the camera that knows what their doing. Really neat….

  • Cristy McAtee - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! The kids are getting so big! Can’t wait to meet Mr. Zachary some day soon. Miss you guys!

  • Sandra Maris - Fantastic photos , precious children, and cute parents, too!!!!
    From their other grandmother, Sandi

  • M'lissa Caines - Love , love , love! These are so great and I Zach is a little Kevin!! Can’t believe how big everyone is!!

  • Sarah Lewand - What beautiful pictures!!! You will be so glad you took these in a few years! I can’t believe how long Zach’s hair is now!