Sykes (1 mo)

It’s babies, babies, babies this week!  And I LOVE it!

Here is just the sweetest guy, Sykes.  He was extra nice to me during his session.  Not a peep from him the whole time.  Wide eyes shots, sleepy curled up shots…..he was game for it all.  Then the funniest thing happened at the end of the session.  He was all bundled up in a blankie awake and looking cute.  We had been working with him for about 3 hours or so.  Clearly he was done with the whole situation, but of course rather than crying about it….he gave me the biggest smile and eye contact as if to say, “There!  I gave it to you!  Now, can we be done?”  Ah, I love this kid!




  • Jacqueline - I love the one where the parent is holding the baby.

  • Shannon - You captured such great expressions! Nice work.

  • amanda - I loooooovvvve the smiling one! that is just too perfect! 🙂