I finally took some pictures of our new studio! I was waiting forever to get all the framed art on the wall, then it just kept slipping my mind. To see these images bigger, make sure to check out the “About” then the “studio” section of the website….

  • jane - just a beautiful, intimate studio! The furnishings and sample portraits are lovely

  • Laurie - Hi Angela,

    I’ve always enjoyed looking at your work and absolutely love your new studio. I love the frame you have above the sofa and would love to know where you got it. I want something like this above my fireplace for our family picture that we don’t have
    I will have to call you to get more information on a family session.

    Can get it?

  • Laurie - Please disregard that last line…Can get it? Was typing out “Can you tell me where to get it?” and deleted only part of the sentence…that’s what happens when your in a hurry!

    Thanks Angela!

  • Angie - Thanks Laurie! I just love the float mounted giclee print above our studio couch, too! All the framing we offer in our studio is custom framed and we’d love to help you with a beautiful piece for above your fireplace. The print framed in this way should really be a giclee print. You can find in our website under “the goods” then “display” to learn more about that type of portrait style. We hope to work with your family soon!