Crickets have been chirping around this blog lately.  Not that there’s been nothing going on… the contrary!  We’ve been extra busy shooting like crazy, and I hope to update this blog over the next few days with TONS of the cuteness we have seen.

In other exciting news, we are so honored to once again be nominated by D Magazine in their BEST OF BIG D contest.  We would love it if you could vote for us daily…winning Best Family Photographer (officially…wink!) in Dallas would be the COOLEST!  You can vote daily from computers, phones, and tablets.  So if you’re like us and you basically own all of Apple’s inventory, you can vote quite a few times a day!  And on that note, if you happen to be in the Apple Store, go ahead and vote on all those machines in there, too.

I digress.  Back to cuteness overload.  Here are precious Story and Sky (oh how I love their names!)…..

Mama’s Sky-themed push present.  Love!

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  • Courtney Sinelli - Thank you, Angie and Matt! We love the pictures! Courtney