Spencer + Logan

Baby girl was not quite convinced that pictures in the field were a great idea, and she let us know about it!!!    But….surprise Mom and Dad!   Thanks to those little pretzels and Matt’s magic, well…..would you ever know?  😉

  • Scott Kutchins - Wow – Unreal you guys! Once again – you have captured some magical moments of our little ones. Who would have known that Logan could take such good pictures. Matt is truly the baby whisperer. AWESOME!!!

  • Judy B. Sims - Unbelievable! I am overwhelmed by the beauty of Spencer and Logan as well as Nicole and Scott. Precious moments and pictures of a beautiful family. My heart leaped seeing how happy all looked and expressed in these pictures. My grand children are so blessed with parents as Nicole and Scott Kutchens.

  • Angela - Thank you Scott and Judy! There are LOTS more great ones! Can’t wait for you all to see the rest……

  • Jackie Clapp Joines - I haven’t seen Scott since he was entering high school and visiting his grandmother in Illinois. WOW! What a great family! Miss you, Scott!