Sneak Peek September 29

I had such a nice birthday yesterday! Ava and her Mimi baked me a chocolate cake, my brother sent a deep dish Chicago pizza via FedEx, my mom sent me new pj’s, Matt and I had a couples massage at a wonderful spa right near our home (who knew?), and I got 2 nice surprises from the kiddos we photographed at the park. The handsome boys with the doggie hand made me a card and the 2 little princesses in the black and white dresses brought me a pink cupcake from Celebrity Bakery. How sweet!!! (and how funny that Matt mentioned it was my birthday when he booked their appointments….)

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  • The Henrie Family - Based on my reaction to the pictures of our princesses, Shane knows he is in trouble when it comes to presentation day. Angie, you are the best!!! Matt, I am impressed with the way you got such wonderful natural expressions out of those girls! You two are a fabulous team!!!
    Malissa H.