Sneak Peek October 24

Yay! We were not rained out today! What gorgeous weather to be out in the park for the rest of the week too! Can’t wait. Check out adorable Ava, at one year old. (I would normally not name a kid on the blog, but hey the dress gives it away!).

We have also been in the studio this week, check out the *four* kids together! This is a family we have photographed since big sister was a baby, and let me tell you they are spirited kids. Putting it mildly. Lots of fun and lots of noise. Well, mom had her misgivings about getting “everyone in one shot.” I told her she came to the right place…..again of course… just this is our specialty.

We also saw one very superstar athlete and his adorable family, including new baby sis. Lots more shoots to come this week so stay tuned.