Smilin’ Cyrus (2 weeks)


Not only does Cyrus have the most fantastic sideburns ever, his facial expressions for a brand new baby are sure to become legendary!  



Most newborns have that fleeting angelic grin every once in a while.  This guy obviously knew something we didn’t, as he was darn near cracking up during the session.  


I have never seen anything like it!  Thanks, Ami and Ravi, for a wonderful session and we hope you enjoy the last bit of time with your parents before they head back to Singapore tomorrow!



  • cyrus, ami, ravi - thank you so much for a wonderful experience and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

  • Ami Doshi - Hi Angie,
    Thank you so much – I find myself coming back to your site every so often – I’m so amazed how you managed to capture our little angel’s 2 week old personality in your beautiful photos! Thank you so much!
    BTW – my parents say thanks for having the pictures up before they left! ;o)