When a photographer sees that she gets to work with 7 week old twins (the age at which most babies characteristically do not sleep or even act content in the studio) PLUS their 22 month old sister…..well, lets just say she quakes in her boots.  These little angels surprised us by being so sweet….the twins even snoozed a bit at the end!  Little Siena was a newborn the last time we saw her (with a beautiful full head of hair back then too!) and she will be a great big sister to these little ones.


  • Fredricka - Gorgeous photos. The twins are adorable, and I love their big sister’s golden locks! I love your work, Angie!

  • Marilyn Taylor - How sweet one of each

  • Marilyn Taylor - Twins are such a blessing. & to birth a boy and a girl is even more of a blessing.