From before Christmas…..Mr. Ryder with his gorgeous mom and dad!  OK, we LUURVE the guys.  Not only are they super sweet and amazingly photogenic, but  they are the BEST hair people in all of Dallas.  If you suffer from more bad hair days than good (Like ME….pre Matthew Tully Hairdressing), get an appointment with Matt or Tania.  They are the masters.  Truly!


  • Tania Tully - Thank you Angela and Matt for the sweet words! It truly means a lot! We on the other hand, would like to thank you guy’s for the beautiful photographs!! You guys are extremely talented and super creative in what you do. We love the way you work so beautifully together and we have lots of fun shooting with you. We would not expect anything less because we are working with the best!! Thanks again!!!

  • Carmen Dempsey - Beautiful pictures, as always!! Everyone that sees the photo cards that Tania sends out during the holidays always comments on how creative and original they look. Great work!

  • Rebecca - Beautiful photo’s!

  • Catia - Beautif family pictures and great choice on the photographers .
    The pictures are great very spontaneous.
    The difference that a good photographer makes is capturing the emotions of the subject and transfer them in his/her pictures.
    Awesome job, and yes I love the three of you!

  • Kristen Powell - These pictures are amazing!! Such a beautiful family! Love!!

  • Kim Kimberlin - Matt, Tania,and Ryder are all so photogenic. Their pictures always turn out top notch. Everytime I get a photo (small book) it is awesome. You do great work
    and all the pictures you take are really creative and fresh. We look forward to getting new pictures from Matt and Tania throughout the new year and keep up the great work.

  • Laken Lackey - Beautiful family an beautiful pictures. Perfect.

  • Chenoa Rocha - Such gorgeous pictures! Love the backgrounds and the poses you caught! Beautiful family and beautiful photography! The holiday card was one of my favorites also.

  • Lauren Border - These pictures are beautiful! The photographer did a great job of capturing the personality & spirit of the Tully family. Love, love, LOVE these photos!

  • Tira J - Amazing pictures of such a beautiful family! I also LOVE Tania’s hair.

  • Christan S. - LOVE this beautiful family!!!! Don’t think they could ever take a bad picture. Angela did a wonderful job capturing this great family. pictures you can help but smile at.