Oh Ryder!  Could you be any happier??

  • Colleen Augustine - These pictures are beautiful. He’s too cute! I must know where his socks are from! My little man needs a pair!;)

  • tania tully - I love these Pictures! I can already tell that I’m going to have a hard time choosing!

    Thanks Angela and Matt!

  • Eliane Flores - These pictures are absolutely beautiful….

  • Kristina Flannigan - I love babies at this age! He is sooo adorable!! Is that a little tooth I see?-too cute 🙂

  • Alvaro - Awe what a BEAUTIFUL family! Ryder is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. What can say, he’s my nephew.

  • Margie Molina - Ryder is such a handsome little man, and he is lucky to have such wonderful parents. Beautiful family Taina!!

  • Rachel Brightbill - Wow Tania…he has gotten so big. He is still the most perfect “Gerber” baby.

  • Lili Bonner - I love this pictures! What a beautiful family. He looks like he just knows how to pose and smile on each picture!

  • Madison + Sammie - Best picture ever!

  • Shannon Allen - I love the style of the photographs. We really need to get some family photos done. I love them Tania and Matt you both have a beautiful family.

  • Krista Wolf - Gorgeous! The photographer captured the love y’all have for each other, very special.

  • Martha Jackson - Beautiful family+Amazing photographer=Fabulous photos!! Great job Angie and Tully Family!

  • Traci Redding - SO BEAUTIFUl!! Amazing work!! Love it!

  • Maria Liscano - You have such a beautiful family, Tania!! Awesome pictures!

  • Rick Mathews - Beautiful photos Tania! You three look fantastic together

  • Ambrosia - This family is absolutely gorgeous! I love their pictures on here, beauty was so very much captivated.

  • cheryl - Pics are beautiful—Love them all. You guys are beautiful!! Ryder is adorable

  • Dawn Dizney - Love, love these photos! They are simply beautiful!


  • Martha (Suzy) Ontiveros - Beautiful family! Love the pics.

  • Darin & Valarie - Ryder is too cute!! Happy parents make happy children. You will be wonderful parents.

  • Melissa - LOVE HIM!!! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  • Lauren Border - Ryder is the cutest baby I have EVER seen!!! Such a beautiful family on the inside and out…Matt and Tania are great parents and friends!

  • Baby Zamarripa - Such beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! Ryder looks too cute and like a big boy

  • Eric Zamarripa - Ryder’s picture should be on the front of every babyfood jar in every grocery store!!

  • Myrna Munoz-Vella - OMG!! No way is there any pics more beautiful than this family!! all 3 of you look absolutely amazingly beautiful! Not a single flaw!