ryan + landry + cannon

It was a total shocker when we ran into this fun bunch at the hotel breakfast in San Diego!  We have been photographing this family for YEARS in Dallas….and sweet mom even played phone tag with Matt to get in on our fall calendar a couple months ago.  After a few rain dances, we were so excited for a little impromptu beach session!  What you don’t see in these pics are our kids running all around me on the beach, biting at my ankles and generally being a wee bit distracting.  😉

Thanks so much guys for being flexible with us and being so sweet as to allow our kiddos to join us on our shoot!  Hope you enjoy!

  • Lisa Whann - WOW!!! The Weedon’s do it again!!! I love these shots & they have such an amazing location!!! I do not know how you are going to choose. Cant wait to see the others!!!

  • Tara - Matt and Angie…you both are AMAZING!!!! Now I know why we never connected on the phone and took pictures in Dallas…God had a better plan! What a blessing to have these incredible photos of our children in my home state!! We had so much fun that early morning and your kids made it even better. It was a pleasure to get to know them more and spend some time with the two of you! Thank you!

  • Chantal - These pictures are amazing! I think these are the best yet!

  • Melissa - Tara & Blake, the photos are so beautiful of you and the children! Love seeing your smiling faces in sunny California!

  • Emily Dillard - These pictures are so beautiful! They are all framers! What special memories for you all!

  • Lynne Schott - Those are beautiful photographs! Bozmans, you are all are a pretty gorgeous family, and the Weedons did a great job showcasing that! Well done!

  • Lainy - The ocean looks so beutiful and so does the family. It was great seeing you in S an Diego last week and seeing these amazing pictures

  • Lidia Boicu - Wow Angie, These pictures are so full of life, love and energy… You are truly talented and amazing and a real inspiration!!

  • Michele Nasello - These pictures are amazing…I want one of the whole family.

  • Lainy Snellbacher - How wonderful to be surprised on your trip and run into your favorite photographers. The picturs just turned out amazing the the oceam couldn’t have been more beautiful we were happy we could meet you there for a few days!!!

  • Sandra Bozman - I believe it is written somewhere that it is the grandmother’s right to have “one of each”! I am touched as usual by Angela’s beautiful work and especially our sweet family.

  • David Snellbacher - What can I say – they are my beautiful grand kids!!!! Fantastic shots!!!!

  • Hollye Marshall - WOW!!! What a beautiful beach, water, sand and location. How could the pictures be bad with such an amazing backdrop? Oh yeah, the pictures were incredible too. ha ha Seriously, I am proud to call myself the “aunt”! I better get a few for Christmas! Great pics!! So proud!!

  • Tira J - Awesome images of a beautiful family! Love the close ups of the girls.

  • Gini - These are so great! Can’t wait to see what you choose for the Christmas card. I love the one with Tara and Blake in the background behind the kids!