Rocco (8 mos)

I *heart* Rocco.  I *heart* his parents who are so cool and bring the BEST stuff from home to our studio shoot.  I *HEART* this session!

Rocco *hearts* sock monkeys.  OK, me too.

This rug lives in Rocco’s nursery, and remember when we photographed him before on it?  Well, he’s on the move now!

  • Erin Carlyle - Absoluteley love these and love this family! Beautiful work!

  • Deborah - OMG Angie! Those are so amazing. We love your work and look forward to our shoots with you! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. You are so talented at capturing all babies and especially Rocco’s little personality. Thank you!

  • Michelle Peek - Hi Angela,
    I love your work. I am a new photographer here in the Houston area. I need to update my blog and I really like yours.
    Do you have any suggestions.

  • Sidsel Massa - You really have captured the heart and beautiful soul of our precious Rocco. This Grandmother’s heart is bursting with pride and joy. Thank you!

  • Ruth Williams - These are yummy Angela! And way to dress for a session 😉 He is stylin’!

  • Sheila Allen - The wonderful thing about Rocco is how much he changes and amazes! He looks entirely different from when I saw him last AND from his last pictures. Just keeps us all enthralled! You are an amazing photographer and Mr. R is an amazing subject. Congratulations to you ALL!!!! (Thanks, Sidsel, for sending the link. I LOVE this!)

  • admin - Thanks everyone! Deborah, I had a BLAST with you guys last week, and it was SOOOO hard to narrow down my fav’s to show you for the blog! Can’t wait for you to see the rest! -Angie

    Oh, and Michelle…thanks for the compliment about the blog style! I used ProPhoto for the design….you will see a link to their site at the bottom of my blog. Best wishes….