Seeing Reese and her mom and dad is always a highlight of our fall!

  • Jeff Wender - Angela, Matt,

    Every year I say our pictures couldn’t be better. And then you prove us wrong!

    We can’t wait to see rest!


  • Allison Musa - Angela and Matt,

    These pictures are amazing! The picture of Reese peeking out from behind the flowers captures her personality perfectly! Wish we were still in Texas. We love our Weedon photos! 🙂


  • Jody Wender - Angie & Matt, I am so happy with these pictures. Reese’s personality comes out in all of them. We love our yearly photo sessions with you. Reese just has the best time. Thank you!!!

  • Rachel cohen - What a beautiful family inside and out! I loved looking at these photos! My favorite is the three of you!!!

  • Corrie shores - I love the pictures!! Angie you are so talented!! I look forward to seeing the rest!!


  • Marcia Peck - You did a wonderful job capturing Reese’s personality…and the beauty of this family. We are looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos tomorrow.

  • Anna Moriarty Lev - Gorgeous photos! You guys look beautiful, and man, Reese has an irresistible smile. Tell that little mermaid “hi” for me!
    Love, Anna

  • Viola Moriarty - You are all three so BEAUTIFUL,,,,,,,and Reese is outtasite, man! Love the dress, love the hair, love the smile….LOVE HER and YOU!


  • Phoebe Moriarty Lev - Thanks for sharing these photos with us! It is so great to see all of your smiling faces. I gotta get me some of those striped tights! Such a stylin’ family 🙂

  • Judy Lev - These are all beautiful pictures. I love the ones of Reese on the bench.

  • Jenny - I love these pictures! Jody I have to agree with your comment…your photographer really captured Reese’s personality in the photos. The second to last photo is my favorite. xoxo

  • Valrie Eberstein - These photos are so precious!

  • Todd Cohen - These pictures are fantastic. I am very impressed with the quality, color, and pose of each picture.

  • Joel - The photos capture the essence of the Wenders’ personalities individually and as a family. Terrific work!

  • Jon - The photo of Reese with the plants and flowers along with the flowers on her dress is a real artistic masterpiece. love it the most and all the rest too.

  • Alex - Love the photo of Jeff holding Reese and you both looking at her! Can’t believe how big she is! Adorable.

  • Andrew Marks - Great Photos, but they are not as nice as mine!!! LMAO!!!
    Enjoy! They are priceless!!!

  • Sandy Marks - Awesome pictures!