Christian is such a sweet brother to baby Quin!  Remember Christian’s newborn session?  Daddy is a marathoner so we got to update the latest medal with the latest baby.:)



  • JOdie - Beautiful pics of my favorite Dallas family!

  • Sarah - Thanks so much Angie! You have quite a gift to capture little ones at their best.

  • Myra - What beautiful pics!!! Your stinkers are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  • kristina - beautiful family

  • Ellen Osburn - Once again, these are exquisite. Of course it helps to have such a beautiful family to photograph!

  • Sue Hoker - Fantastic,gorgeous, beautiful,cute,sensitive!!all rolled into one. I could look at these pics all day and then look some more sue hoker

  • Wendy - Beautiful babies! God bless them :)

  • Amelia - Beautiful Pictures:) So in love with Christian and baby Quin:)

  • Amanda - Beautiful pictures, Christian and Quin are just adorable :)

  • Patricia Corrigan - Grandma is proud as peaches gazing at those adorable babies! So cute I could kiss the screen! Thanks for taking the time to put this wonderful album together, Sarah and Todd. It’s priceless…

  • Christy - These images are soooo beautiful.

  • David Green - Maria and I really like the black and white of the boys. What good looking children!

  • Megha - So adorable!!! really nice snaps of Blanchard family…:)

  • Elizabeth Yepez - Such adorable and precious little ones. Great photos! Congrats to both parents! God bless!

  • Bonnie Rupp aka Grandma - What a beautiful family! (but I could be a little prejudiced).

I’m a wee bit paralyzed when it comes to deciding which images to share on the blog from the fall.  It’s so overwhelming!  Here is a super fun family that is sure to brighten up your day!


  • Clarence - Thanks Angie. We love working with you.

  • Wendy Wilkerson - What a beautiful family! Browns are awesome!

  • Victor - What great pics of a great family.

  • Arthur - They do look like a “super fun” family! Great photos.

  • Theresa - Just lovely.

  • Keith D'Souza - Beautiful pictures…..good looking family

  • Janet keckeisen - Wow! What a beautiful family! Great pictures!

  • Michael Hurst - Beautiful family!

  • Tonia - Love your photos! They are a fun family!

  • Yoshaka - The pictures are beautiful! Love how the fall colors were captured as well as the personalities of Evan, Ryan, and Lily! Thanks for sharing.

  • Rhee - Very nice pictures!The pictures are beautiful.

  • Greg Parish - Great photos!

  • Kiphani Allen - Beautiful family. And, great photography!! :-)

  • Nedra P Fain - Very nice looking family. Beautiful Pictures!!!

  • Shonn Brown - Thanks Matt and Angie for capturing so many fun moments!! We love your work and the kids have a blast!

  • Ed Woodson - Great photos!

  • Angela Grant - The Brown Family is absolutely beautiful! I love all of the pictures. What an awesome photographer. I hope you guys pick them all. Hugs from Cali!

  • Khanh - Awesome

  • Leticia M - These photos do a fantastic job of capturing everyone’s personality. Great job!

  • Chrisdya H - Beautiful family and beautiful pics! Love you all (:

  • Chante Dearion - I love your photos! What a beautiful family!!!

  • Buford Robertson - Terrific photograph! What a fun looking family!

  • Joanna Norris - Picture perfect of a beautiful family; I can see why it would be hard to choose….buy them all (a little humor).

  • Kay Brown - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

It’s been a LONG time!!  We always take a break from posting around the holidays, as there’s just way too much to do!  But we’re excited to start sharing images from our fun sessions in the fall and the new 2014 babies we are seeing these days.  Trying to figure out where to start is a huge problem…choosing which images to share from the busy fall season (when there are SO MANY!) is super overwhelming for me.  I figured Miss Presley is a great place to start.  She’s the cutest!  And great job to her mama on picking out the PERFECT dress for the session.  I’m in love with the store where she got it.  Girl moms, go check it out!


  • Esther - So sweet!! Love how you capture the fun connections!!!

  • Janice - Wow! These pictures are awesome! Perfect everything! The dress, the season, the setting for the pictures, love it!


  • Mica - Very cute pictures!!

  • Marisol De Leon - OMG, These pictures are absolutely striking!!

  • Kiki - Presley is just the cutest!! Such a beautiful little girl and mama!!

  • Tira - What a precious little one! I LOVE her outfit and the lighting is amazing! Welcome back to blogging and life in 2014! Miss you!!!! xoxo

  • Dan - Very cute!

  • Rhonda - Thank you Angie and Matt for such precious photos that we will treasure always!
    So glad to have found you! Looking forward to next time:)

  • Michelle - This little girl is just soo precious! I wish they made clothes that cute for adults

  • Nicole - Presley is soo adorable! Love her dress and such a beautiful location!

  • Addison - Such a beautiful family!

  • Sophie - Love her outfit! Beautiful photos!!

  • Erich - Soo adorable! Perfect picture to capture the holidays!

  • Berkeley - Great photos! A beautiful outfit for a beautiful little girl! Love the fox stuffed animal too!

  • Julie - Beautiful pics!!! Such a cute outfit. Adorable!

  • Teri Faust - You captured these two- all sweetness and sassafras! This album is precious today, but priceless in just a few tomorrows. A lovely documentation of this season- filled with joy, wonder, and high fashion.

  • Harriet Faust - Absolutely lovely….wonderful photos. thanks for sharing.

  • Mary - Absolutely Adorable!

  • Billie Cornett - These pictures of Presley are adorable. I know that she is at such a fun age!

  • Kelly - One beautiful little girl!

  • Jimmy jones - Ronda & Pressly are very special people

  • Frank - Great pictures of two wonderful people.

  • Whitten Faust - Beautiful as always!


  • Melisa - Every expression beautifully captured!!

  • Cyrel Goldstein - Beautiful!

  • Lydia - What a beauty!! She is absolutely adorable…love the outfit.

  • Colleen - Simply beautiful pictures! Love the adorable dress and all the action photos and background.

  • Erin Andrews - Beautiful pictures! The light and poses were perfect

I mean, really?  If this doesn’t confirm that we photograph the most adorable families every day, I don’t know what does.  I’m taking a break to post a bunch of sessions from this fall!  I.CANNOT.CATCH.MY.BREATH this week.  It’s insane….so many sessions to shoot and images to proof and cards to design!  It’s a very fabulous problem to have .:) Anyway, feast your eyes on Matt and Henry and their cutie parents!


  • Sara - You’ve taken care of an album layout for us already :). Every shoot with you is a joy – you capture our family perfectly!!!

  • Susan Friedman - What wonderful pictures. We need more wall space and picture frames!!

  • Doris McKnight - I have followed this beautiful child. The picture of her is so sweet and she just shines.