It’s that time again!  We love seeing Everlee every year around her birthday; it’s crazy to think she’s already 6!  This time around we headed out to East Texas to the family’s fabulous lake house.  It felt a little more resorty-Cabo than lake housey-Texas, so you can imagine how much fun we had.  It’s been a HUGE joy to watch this kind, generous, and beautiful family grow through the years.   Make sure to search “everlee” in the search box at the top of the blog to get a good dose of  awesome.

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  • Lan - Love this family and wonderful memories on peaceful Lake “Chirky” (as E says it); memories that have been beautifully captured here!

  • Casey Brady - as always love these pics and love this family! Everlee is getting so big i watching her grow-I always enjoy seeing these adorable/fun pics!!!

  • Veronica Laszlo - Pictures turned out amazing once again! Such a beautiful family!!!

  • Melody Greer - Such a sweet wonderful family . So proud to have them as a friend ! Can’t believe everlee is getting so big so fast !!!

  • Becca Wallace - The pictures are wonderful! What a great way to capture the lake house! Everlee looks so beautiful and grown up!

  • Katusha - Love this amazing family. So much love for each other and always having fun together. Everlee I miss you!

Have you ever seen such a cutie family????

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  • McKenna Michel - Oh my wow. Angie & Matt, the photos are absolutely stunning! We could not be more thrilled with how you brought out the kids’ personalities. And got Everett to flash that toothy grin! I don’t know how we are going to choose between them. Gorgeous photos, we will treasure them!

Welcome to the world sweet little baby, Max!

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  • sue cowart - Angie, it was a joy watching you work with Max!

A gorgeous family in the spring wildflowers.  What’s not to love?

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  • Christine - Beautiful pictures of my granddaughters. I love them all.

  • Christine - Allie and Sophie are beautiful. I love all the pictures

  • Uncle John - Great pictures of them both! Like the family ones too