We couldn’t be more happy for this little family!  Connor welcomed his new sister Lucy all the way from China this fall.  Now, this girl is a dynamo!  I think she had been home in the states for about a month when we met for this photo session.  Although we received a little bit of translation help from a cool iPhone app, she could totally understand most things we said to her in English!  And she’s doing great at school, too.  Amazing I tell you!  Lucy is a fun, effervescent, and sweet little sister to the awesome Connor.  It was so fun to see their already typical brother-sister relationship forming…they razzed each other the whole time.  Congrats, you guys!  And welcome home Lucy!

I think my favorite exchange of the afternoon was when Mama, who is a doctor, referenced Lucy as her “daughter.”  Well, Lucy then said, “No, I am not doctor!”  And Mama said, “You are my daughter, I am a doctor.” And Lucy said, “Daughter, doctor, daughter, doctor, ” and then just shrugged her shoulders and moved on.  English lesson learned right there….so cool. 🙂



Oh my gosh, these three completely crack me up!


  • karin - Love the Brownies!

  • Joanna Norris - Have been an admirer of your phtography for a few years through The Browns!! Gorgeous photos!!

  • Susan - What a treat it is to see your children growing up. I look forward to seeing them become young adults and hope they keep those same sweet smiles and “attitudes”!!

  • Carolyn - Adorable!

  • Chris Dodds - Cutest ever!

  • Tonia - This family is fun! Love seeing how playful you all are!

  • Clayton - Love that Clarence passed his stylish ways to Evan!

  • Margie - Sweet photos — even sweeter memories.

  • Fred Wilkerson - These are fantastic pictures. Kind of reminds me of my modeling days! All jokes aside, they are really great looking pictures.

  • Kirsten Castaneda - These photos really show the kids’ spirit and joy!

  • Hayley - The Brownies are the cutest!!!

  • Shonn - Thank you Angie and Matt for capturing these FUN moments!

  • Leticia - Fantastic photographs. The personalities of the Brownies are perfectly captured.

  • Clarence - Thanks Angie and Matt. We love working with you.

  • Roxanne - Great looking bunch. I absolutely love the pictures. I can’t believe how big they are getting 🙂

  • Yoshaka - Love the photos!!! The pictures definitely exemplifies the different personalities.

  • heather - great photos! 🙂