Matt and I just got back from an awesome trip to California to photograph one of our favorite families.  These guys moved from Dallas to Carmel over 4 years ago, but have stayed great clients and friends.   Here’s just a peek ….more to come!


  • Megan - Oh I can’t believe you were in California! I was just telling my husband that we will have to plan a trip someday to have you photograph our family! Shucks!

  • admin - aww…thanks Megan! Where are you guys in Cali?

  • rosegail leatherberr - If this is any indication of the pictures that you made of the family, I know I will be having a very difficult time with my selection. RoseGail

  • Megan - We’re up in Sacramento–not nearly quite as beautiful as Carmel.

  • Anne Story - Bill, your family is absolutely beautiful and WOW the photographer!!!