Playing Catch-up

I am a bit behind in showing some sneak peeks from last weeks’ sessions. But we had such wonderful kiddos and images last week, I just need to go ahead and show off the fun we had….

Caroline (5)+ Adare (2)

Another gorgeous day in the park! Smily, fun, and curious, we had a ton of fun exploring the park with these beauties.

Isabelle (3)+ Leo (10 days)

Miss Spunk and Energy is balanced by Mr. Sleepy and Cuddly

Mark, Jr. (2 weeks)

I Can’t decide if I was more in awe of his amazing eye contact at just 2 weeks old…or those LASHES when he slept. A future heartthrob, for sure.

  • Anonymous - Angie,
    The few photos Mark & I have seen of baby Mark are breathtaking. We can’t wait to see more. Your work speaks for itself and is well worth it. We absolutely loved them. Thank you for the update.

    Mark & Bernadette

  • Mikki - Angie & Matt –
    I LOVE these photos. Isabelle was quite the spitfire last Friday, glad to see that you were able to rein her in for some wonderful shots! We are so excited to see the rest of them and add to our “Weedon Collection” that we started 3 years ago.
    Jeff & Mikki

  • Anonymous - These photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The babies look so precious!