Pics from our ski vacay to Jackson Hole…

We had a blast and come back in one piece!  Skiing with a kindergartener and a toddler doesn’t really lend itself to carrying a camera, but I had the little point and shoot in my pocket.  It made its way out and into my mittened hands a couple times…

Our fabulous hosts…the Huffmans!

and here’s our Weedon Clan…

The Tetons are achingly beautiful….

  • Tammy - Love your photography! The photos in this post are great, what kind of point-n-shoot do you use? I’ve been looking for a good one, so that I too don’t have to lug around my big camera with my own kids all the time.

  • Dad - The best way to keep up with you. We love you all (Sharon and I).

  • admin - thanks Tammy! The point and shoot that I use is the Canon Powershot SD 870. The first 3 were shot with that, the last few with my Canon 5D. It’s really tiny and it works great!