Happy little guy…happy little family.

  • Savannah Brown - Beautiful! Really captured his personality.

  • Sarah Hensley - Love the Wetz family…and the pics!!! 🙂

  • Jessica Woods - Such a precious little boy!

  • Joey - What adorable pictures! I love this little guy!!

  • Elizabeth - Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of my precious boy!!

  • Libby Schechter - What a beautiful baby! The eyes, the hair, the smile, great photos!

  • Lindsey Detwiler - I just want to snuggle him! These are phenomenal pictures. He is so precious!

  • Patricia Austin - Great photography — but then he had great subjects! Precious!

  • Michael Detwiler - Is it just me or does he look a little like Justin Beiber in the first picture? Really good shots.

  • John Wetz - The pictures are wonderful and captures the love in the family.
    What beautiful natural poses.

  • Kisha - Love, Love, Love!!!! Such great pics!!!

  • Shannon Clark - Amazing photos! This boy needs to be a professional baby model. I love this happy little family!

  • Diane Tunnell - He is way too cute for his own good. Get a baseball bat to ward off all the gals in the future!

  • Stephanie M - Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Amy Wetz - He gets cute and cuter all the time! Amazing moments captured in these pictures!! Beautiful!!

  • Bryan - Seriously….PL is the dude!!!

  • Kaylee Williams - He is the cutest thing I have EVER seen! LOOOOVE these pics!!

  • Ginger - These pictures are adorable! I especially love the one with Philip in the crate!

  • Vaune W. - Now that is a gorgeous baby!!!