Our SIXTH annual dose of Peyton!  This year we met him and his fun parents up in their hometown of McKinney.   Why was this our first shoot there?  Dunno…..I LOVED it.  LOVE this family!

Peyton:  “Welcome to McKinney!”

Fun with sun flare….POW!OOHHHHH  I dig this…..

  • Kelly Tallo - So fun…this might be my favorite year yet! Can’t wait to see them all. Love, Love, Love them!

  • linda watkins - great pics of you all

  • Diana Guthrie - Absolutely gorgeous! Beautifully captured the entire family’s sunny spirit.

  • Leslie Johnson - Great pictures of a precious little one….Aunt Arlene shares with us.

  • Regina Brunk - Great Pictures!!!

  • Kathy Williams - Awesome pictures!

  • Kelly Tallo - As always the pics look great. Of course it helps when you have an amazingly beautiful and photogenic family! Love you guys!

  • Laura Noteware - This is going to be another difficult decision for these grandparents. I love all the ones I’ve seen and can’t wait to view all of them!

  • Margit Novak - The pictures are great. I’ll look forward to this years Christmas card!!!

  • Jennifer Moriarty - These shots are fabulous! You can feel the love in this wonderful family. Truly magical.

  • Len Tallo - I love them all.He is sure growing up fast.Maybe I can get a picture of Peyton and myself when I am down there.

  • megan brisendine - These are adorable!! Peyton is such a handsome little man.

  • Kim Dawson - Love the pictures! They turned out amazing!

  • Arlene Novak - Just Beautiful, great job,catch that sunbeam Peyton

  • Staci Murto - Wow! I can’t believe how big he is! Wonderful pictures as usual!

  • Nancy Stewart - Pics are beautiful…Peyton is growing up way too fast!!

  • Melissa McDougal - These are great pictures. I can’t believe how big Peyton is getting. I love the variety of shots and creativity! Great pictures!

  • Marlene Tallo - Great pics!!! Looks like you had a great time with your photo shoot.

  • Joni Ortega - Love that Peyton smile!! Warms my heart!

  • len tallo - The best yet!!!

  • Anna Squire - pure happiness…love it!

  • Anna Squire - pure happiness! love it!

  • Andrea Martin - These are such great pictures! I’m glad to see he finally lost his wiggly tooth. Can’t wait to babysit him again!

  • Mary Grace Bartoo - Absolutely awesome photos!!!

  • Jack Noteware - Great pictures of a great kid!