Penn came all the way from Florida for his session….what a cutie.  Love this tongue!


  • Katy - Oh my. Beautiful mommy and baby!

  • Nancy Pendleton - I had the priviledge of attending Penn’s photo session. What an amazing experience. I love how the pictures express his sweet sparkle. Check out cute toes in picture #2…..

  • Brad - The little guy is showing his effort to keep up with the bigs.

  • Holly - What a fun picture and beautiful mommy!

  • Tracy Myrick - Awesome photos

  • Granddad (Dick) - Great photos. Handsome boy and beautiful mom! How many poses to get that tongue just right for those two photos? Fun time for Sheri and Nana at the photo session.

  • Anise Pendleton - What a great photo of Sheri and Penn! He has changed so much since we saw him in the spring.

  • Sheri - I love the photos! Thank you all so much! Its fun to compare to the others at this age.

  • Miriam - Precious pics! So fun to see that little guy again!

  • Kaelyn Myrick - Oh may so lucky to have the cutest baby cousin!

  • Suzie - Awesome pictures. Cute, cute baby Penn and pretty mommie.