Pearson (6)+Morgan (4)

Warning!  Gorgeous children alert!

Oh my goodness these two were way too much fun to photograph!






  • carol - another stunning session. Are you picky about the time of day for these outdoor portraits. The light is lovely. What adorable children!

  • admin - Thanks Carol! This session started at 11am. We had some nice, high cloud cover for part of the session, which is always great. I either do sessions in the morning (starting at 9) or in the late afternoon when we have a chance (fitting that it with our own 2 kids’ schedules is really tough!) All that to say, I also did a noon shoot on this day….in full sun…and the lighting looks great. As long we find some open shade or position the subject with their backs to the sun, we can work it. BUT…..early morning or late afternoon is always fail-safe!

  • Monica - WOW! Beautiful! We really like the pictures! When Pearson saw the pictures he said, “Cool!” Morgan just kept saying, “That’s me! That’s me! There I am again!…” lol Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • carol - Angie…are you using reflectors or flash in these photos? The light is just so pretty, esp #1 and 4.

  • admin - Hi Carol,
    Nope, no fill or reflector on these. Just some nice open shade with high cloud cover. I’m not opposed to either fill flash or reflector when needed…..the end of the session was really bright, full sun…and I used a fill flash to balance out the skin tones of the family shots.

  • carol - Your work is always beautiful.

  • Amanda K - You weren’t kidding on the gorgeous children part huh! Totally lovely photos, they look like they have such a strong connection too.