I am tragically bad at processing, printing, and sharing the images I take of our own family.  I have so many in this computer….they just need to get out!  Here are some snaps from a morning a couple weeks ago.  The bond my kids have with their cousins is so amazing, and we love watching them grow up together….

  • Nate Henderson - Hey Angie, Laura and I are so often like you: take all these family shots, then never show them to anyone or get any prints! Love to see all the cousins growing up together; I’m hoping my brother and sister in law “hurry up” so our kids aren’t 10 years older than theirs!

  • heidi @ indy photography - love them!

    and…please know that you’re SO not alone.

  • Lisa Ellis - Wow!! These look beautiful, the kids have such a great time together and these photos capture that… They do better and better each year at getting there pictures taken! Maybe by the time they are 16, they might really enjoy it!!
    Thanks so much Ang for taking these, love ya!