So, it just now dawned on me that I never posted our own family’s pics from December!  Blame it on being brain dead during the holidays……but better late than never, right?  Clients always ask Matt and I how we ever get photos of the four of us together….and….hello!  We hire a photographer too!  😉

This time around, I was sooooo excited to book Bobbi+Mike, a photo team out of my hometown of Indianapolis.  They are a super fun couple that do an amazing job of showing the emotion and happiness of both weddings and families.  We had  a BLAST getting photo’d by the two of them while they were in Austin.  Ava and Cal were ridiculously  fired up and crazy; I seriously have no idea what they were on that day.

Even though I  joke that “the cobblers children have no shoes” (in regard to the fact that Ava and Cal would rather eat broccoli and brush their teeth for 30 minutes than have me point the camera at them)……I will ALWAYS make a point to have our own family’s life documented each year just as I recommend for our own clients.  It is so very important, don’t you agree?

Here’s us…..just as we were December 4, 2010:



  • Tira J - Angie & Matt, you two have the most beautiful family and we have LOVED looking at all of the awesome images from Bobbi & Mike. They did a remarkable job at capturing the true personality of everyone. Cal & Ava are just so much fun!!! I can imagine some of the craziness that was coming out of their mouths as they giggled through the session. Hugs to you guys.

  • Stephanie@Geezees - You have an absolutely beautiful family…and your pictures came out incredible!

  • Jennifer Mulligan - Oh my gosh!!! These are awesome!! Sooo….how have you or are you going to display them?

  • kelly - Those are just amazing! Love them all – you have a beautiful family!!!

  • Heidi Stone Photography - Geez, I feel really stupid for not knowing they are in Indy! LOL. Must go contact them now. I’m such a dork!

  • Heidi Stone Photography - Oh, and speaking of being a dork….THE PICTURES ARE GREAT TOO.