Our Staycation

Last week we took a little bit of time off to entertain a fun-filled houseful of guests….for 10 days!  The kids had the best time ever with their cousins….swimming ALL DAY long and just generally making an enormous amount of noise.  We had so much fun at home, we rarely went out….save for the trips to Sprinkles for some fancy cupcakes and to the rodeo one night.  

Here’s my brother Todd, sister in law Lisa, Conner, Emma & Kayla…

The girls are INSEPERABLE!


Conner is Cal’s hero….

Ava’s air…

My cousin Jada and her daughter Taylor came for a few days too…

Even though the quiet of this week has been welcome…..I join my kids in missing all the chaos and love of hosting this crazy bunch!

  • Stacy - Love the sunflower picture! Amazing work as always!

  • jen - these are so sweet! the little kids aren’t that little anymore. and that sunflower shot is amazing … along with the one of the three girls 🙂

  • rachel logan - beautiful work…just like always! looks like a really fun time! i have been searching for a drainage ditch big enough for my kids to stand in for MONTHS…do you mind sharing where you found that one?

  • jane - the noise level aside, what a wonderful family time. Those are sure are some BEAUTIFUL kids!! 🙂

  • admin - Hey Rachel,
    This ditch is in Turtle Creek at the park where we do our shoots in Dallas. There are directions to the park on my site….best wishes!