Now this made me CRY…..

I recently joined Facebook.   I know!   Kinda silly.  Not only do I feel a bit old and out of touch to be a member of some internet social network….but I also feel so dumb because I can’t really figure it out.  What does a super poke do anyway?

But it has been really neat to reconnect with old friends.  Like my friend from high school, Chad.  Who just so happens to be serving our country in Iraq for his second one year tour of duty.  While his wife and 3 kids (and one on the way….will he be home for the birth?) wait patiently for his return.

Anyway, I wrote on his wall (or something like that…Facebook lingo), and thanked him for serving us and our country.  And this is what he said back:

I just cannot get over that.  We are here, enjoying our life….going on vacation, doing bubbles in the backyard with the kids, taking the dogs for a walk, seeing movies, buying new kindergarten backpacks….while these guys are ensuring that we can continue doing it.  

“The essence of the families you aptly captured in the photographs help make it worth our sacrifices here ensuring that they are kept safe with a future full of hope.” 

Um, wow.  Thanks to you and all the men and women serving with you, Chad.  I hope we never lose sight of what you are doing for the rest of us.


  • Melanie Domen - Wow, Ang. Your friend, Chad, is a true hero with a big, selfless heart.

  • Julie - That is simply incredible. It is easy to forget with life going on around us about what those men and women are doing for us across the ocean. Thank you for sharing that beautiful reminder.

  • Jessica - Wow. I am in awe of the men and women that serve our country- such strength and courage. Thank you for sharing this with us Ang. You and Matt touch so many lives with your work.