Noah(14 mos)+Joshua(8 days)

Sweet baby Joshua is just 14months younger than big brother Noah and I’m sure they’ll be best friends soon.

  • Christy - I really love your newborn photography. I’ve always liked it, but I admire it even more than I used to. I couldn’t wait until our baby was born, so I could play with him and get a little more creative w/ my newborn photography…but I just found out it’s even more challenging than I was expecting. I tried to do a pose like your first one here and just couldn’t get it to work. Sigh. I think I need to do more reading on posing.

  • admin - thanks Christy! For sure have a space heater near you when baby posing… really helps!

  • Lea Ann - Hiya,

    So one of my customers on Etsy just convoed me to ask if some of this was mine….and I am so happy to say that the green multi beanie and gray/fur cocoon are my handywork… how awesome to see it in action! Great photos I LOVE your posing and light! Beautiful little baby too!! Thanks for sharing these!

  • admin - thank you lea ann! I have had a few inquiries about where the knits came from! Beautiful work!! This is in reference to Everlee’s post….one below this.