Nicole (High School Senior)

Nikki just so happens to be our previous studio manager’s daughter.  And hello, she is gorgeous!  We had a lot of fun around downtown Plano and then at some fields right near our studio.

Nikki, I am trying to get in touch with you!  Hopefully you are not dealing with a mean case of chiggers like I am!  Was it worth it?  Yes, decidedly so.  Now…..I am off to the quickie emergency doctor place down the road to see if they can prescribe me some industrial strength anti itch meds!  Drug me up!!  (and if you know me…’d know that it must be bad for me to say that!!)

Here is Nikki in her graduation dress, in front of her first job….as a hostess at Kelly’s East Side.  Hope you had a great first day yesterday!

The scene of the crime:  So pretty, and yet so evil.

The clouds were looking a bit ominous towards the end…

  • Tira J - Oh Angie! These are so great. She is one beautiful girl. I can totally relate when it comes to getting bad bites during a shoot. Especially since I love those fields and rustic places. I now officially carry bug spray in my Shootsac. Lessons learned….no more welts on my arms and legs from the bugs.

  • Gillian - These are great – love the field series. AMAZING lighting!!

  • admin - thank you! I love photographing pretty senior girls. So fun! The chiggers are better…but urgh, I so learned my lesson. Nikki has them, too. But thankfully she thinks it was worth it too!

  • Tami Witte - Angie, Wow, awesome photos of Nicole. Your work is beautiful, thank you so much!