The Bordelon familyWhen we look back on the images that Angie and Matt have taken over the years,
we are touched by the authenticity and beauty
with which they have documented our lives.
Greg, Paige, Corinne, Miles & Beck
The Dortch familyAngie’s attention to detail and creative eye is like no other photographer we have worked with. The images she captures are amazing! Thanks to Matt, the process is seamless from booking to receiving our art and album. They go above and beyond!Darren, Cathy,
Aidan, Bailee & Deacon
The eagle familyAmazingly, and every time, Angela completely captures my family's personality in each image she shoots. Both she and Matt are a dream to work with and we can't imagine using anyone else!John, Jennifer, Alexandra,
Chris, Amanda & Harper George
the greenstone familyThe photographs that Angie and Matt have taken of us for the past 13 years are not just pictures. They are works of art that we will cherish forever.David, Joanna,
Caroline, Olivia & Emma
The Kinsler familyAngie and Matt have been capturing our family since our daughter was born in 2008. Every year we are blown away at how perfectly they are able to showcase each of our children's growth, spirit, and personality. We truly cherish every image!Ian, Tess, Rian & Jack
The Ku familyCameras take pictures.

Angie and Matt make magical memories
that you will treasure
for a lifetime.
Lowell, Christine, Collin & Chloe
The marks familyThe memories Angie and Matt capture are priceless to us and one of the best investments we could ever make.Andrew, Sandy, Jake & Adrianna
The Moreland familyIn five years and many photo sessions (and what has turned into a beautiful friendship), Matt and Angie have made our precious babies giggle and smile through the sweetest images captured on camera. From Texas to Alabama, and now on to Boston, I can't wait to see what they come up with next!Mitch, Susannah, Crue & Swayze
The Rogers familyWe have loved working with Angie and Matt each and every year since our daughter was a newborn, and we couldn’t imagine entrusting our family’s memories to anyone else. They feel like part of our family.Ryan, Maleiah & Everlee
The Wagley familyAngie and Matt have managed to capture our maternity and newborn pictures with unmatched artistry and emotion. They are as pleasant to work with as they are professional and talented. We love having them continue to photograph our family at every milestone!Ben, Natalie,
Christian, Micah & Evelyn
The young familyNever before have our boys looked forward to taking pictures until we tell them its going to be with Matt and Angie. It's unreal how they capture our family's essence!Michael, Cristina,
Mateo, Emilio & Antonio
the abbott familyMatt and Angie have captured memories for our growing family for several years now. Each time they take the stress out of the process, are extremely professional to work with, and our children are completely comfortable with them. We know that we are going to love their work from every session, and the hardest part is deciding which images are our favorites. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!Ranger, Ashley, Dylan & Shepherd
the bigham familyOur family has been fans of Angela Weedon photography for nine years. There is no one else we would trust to capture our family's special moments than Angie and Matt. It's especially fun to watch Matt put on a show to ensure that our children look their best in our photos! Thank you Angie and Matt for your amazing talent and genuine hearts!Bryan, Deborah, Rocco & Brooklyn
the brown familyOur family loves working with Angie and Matt. The photographs that Angie takes speak for themselves (amazingly beautiful) but what makes working with them so special is the personal and real connection that they make with each family. Our kids have grown up with them and although they are no longer babies, we look forward to many more sessions with Angie and Matt to capture the history of our family.Clarence, Shonn, Evan, Ryan & Lily
the coker familyWe were blessed to meet Matt and Angie in 2011 just before our oldest child was born. They have since captured our family beautifully in over 8 sessions. You will not find a more talented, fun, professional and organized team. Matt and Angie's dedication to their clients and their craft is unparalleled. Thank you for genuinely caring about our family and for capturing our special moments through the years!John, Ashley, Jack, William & Catherine
the crow familyThe Weedons are our go-to photographers for once-in-a-lifetime family milestones. Not only are they true artists with the camera, but Angie and Matt have a way of capturing the best in us. They are exceptionally talented with children and somehow use their magic to catch the laughs and expressions that make our children unique. We look forward to the pleasure of working with the Weedons for years to come!Shawn, Sarah, Jameson & Miles
the dobrient familyThe Weedons have a gift of capturing the smiles, laughs and sweet expressions of our children. They have the perfect mix of professionalism and talent, with the just the right amount of silliness to make photo sessions fun! Amazingly, they take the stress out of photo shoots as well...we just get our children pressed and dressed and hand them over to Matt and Angie, knowing they have it all under control! The Weedons have photographed our family for years and our albums are priceless! They really are the best!Robert, Lacey, Lilly Grace & Evie
the francis familyMatt and Angie have photographed our family for over 10 years. They are the best and truly know how to bring out our kids personalities in the photos. We love to work them and will for years to come!Mark, Amanda, Grant & Elizabeth
the friedman familyAngie and Matt have captured the essence of our family at every shoot from the time the kids were babies until now, when they manage to make even smiles with enormous front (or missing) teeth look precious. It doesn't matter how cloudy the skies are or how iffy the kids' moods are when we start, they always make it fun. The end result is the perfect blend of artistic shots and the most natural-looking moments. Looking back, you realize how much changes and how quickly, and we treasure the fact that we have these images of love, laughter, and even a few sweet tears preserved as a beautiful reminder.Dan, Sara, Matt & Henry
the hamilton familyMy kids have actually asked me if they can have a play date with Matt and Angie! It is so fun to spend time with both of them. The kids just get to play and be entertained by Matt while Angie is able to capture the joy and sparkle of childhood. We get compliments all the time on the beautiful pictures hanging on our walls. We have been thrilled with our sessions over the years and highly recommend Angela Weedon Photography. They make us feel like we are old friends.Justin, Carrie, Maren, Claire, Hallie & Seth
the harvey familyAngie and Matt have been photographing our family for thirteen years, and their working together is what makes their photography business unique. In numerous shoots throughout the years, they have consistently brought out the best in each individual so that our family photos turn out beautifully. And the only problem we have with their final product is having too many good pictures to choose from; they are the best in their field!Dave and Juleeta
Luke, Ethan, Matthew, Isaac & Isaiah
the hayes familyAngie and Matt have captured many beautiful moments for our family. I love that we can display their images as art in our home because they are so well done. The process is equally important and equally great. The kids have so much fun with Angie and Matt - we always end up with huge smiles. My husband and I appreciate their friendly, professional, low-pressure business approach.David, Colleen, Caroline, Josie & Thomas
the helm familyAngie and Matt are a joy to work with. From the moment we met them, we knew we had found something special. They get smiles out of our children like no one else can. Even in the most beautiful locations, our family is what shines. We look forward to our shoots each year and just when we think it's impossible, each new year produces more of our favorite images. We feel so lucky to be able to watch our children grow through their creative eyes. We could not be more pleased with the images they capture in the most natural way.Thomas, Andrea, Jack & Caroline
the kanold-eriksson familyThere really are no words needed to show how amazing Angie and Matt are. The pictures say it all; every year we're blown away with the memories they create for us as a family. The experience of each photo session is relaxed and fun. Matt brings out our kids' personalities perfectly and Angie always captures those special moments. She always comes up with new creative ideas and she lets the kids be artistic and creative with her which they love! It's been so much fun to get to know them as a family and meet up every year for the last eight years. Looking forward to more picture perfectness!!Micaela, Loui, Elle, Blanca, Lola & Lou
the kennedy familyMatt and Angie have done such an amazing job photographing our family for the past 10 years. Our most recent photo shoot was my favorite, because we staged the session in our home! Somehow they orchestrated (several!) delightful photos of all our kids smiling and laughing together; these are the real smiles they smile, when you tickle them, not the ones they use when you tell them to smile for a picture. I treasure the authenticity in these photographs. Matt and Angie's work is all over my home; it's an artistic celebration of my family that I get to enjoy every day.Nick, Angela, Will, Sam & Jane
the kuhlhorst familyA short note with a big Thank You for the lovely job you did on our album. I am amazed at how you can so consistently capture the very essence of my girls in portrait form. Every page evokes a chord of their personality or their sweet sister relationship. I smile all the way through the album!Matt, Liz, Heather & Laura
the kutchins familyFrom the very first time that we had Angie and Matt photograph moments in time of our family, we have been hooked! From newborn sessions to later when the kids got older and Matt joined the fun, they have completely put our kids at ease so that their true selves are showcased. Looking back at the 7 photo sessions over the past 12 years, we are forever grateful for the patience and grace that Angie and Matt have had with our kids (and us) for capturing our identity. We cannot wait for the next time that we get together with them again!!Scott, Nicole, Spencer & Logan
the lewis familyWhether you're expecting your first child, or you have a fun, crazy, chaotic family of 5 {that's us}, and are wondering who could possibly capture everyone in their real, "joyful" state, wonder no longer. Angie has a rare talent of capturing life and smiles behind the lens like nothing I have ever seen and Matt has an abounding energy and joy about him to help make Angie's job a bit easier to do so! They have been photographing our family going on 7 years now. Their work is displayed throughout our home and I am so thankful to have them be a part of helping make our home special.Jeff, Kori, Ford, Maxey & John Atwood
the loughlin familyMatt and Angie took the very first photographs of our twins, right out of the NICU, at only 4 pounds. Not only are these photos a true treasure to us, but they made the session with our tiny babies and 2 year old so easy and stress-free. Now 8 years later, they’ve captured our family numerous times in Jackson Hole and Dallas. Time after time, they are able to capture each of my boys’ personalities and the photos are just stunningly beautiful! You will not find a more talented photography pair than Matt and Angie.Sam, Lindsay, Atticus, Phineas & Sawyer
the macmahon familyMatt and Angie, you are a dynamic duo. You understand what it feels like and means to be a parent and you capture that emotion in your work. You're adventurous photographers, which serves us especially well in Jackson Hole; you bring great energy to every photo session, and you produce exquisitely crafted photos. Thank you for continuing to capture our family!Doug, Catherine, Andrew, Carter & Lollie
the martin familyMatt and Angie have lovingly documented our family through photography since our children (now 12 and 9) were newborns. The professionalism and care they pour into the experience is unparalleled. One year after a photo session, my son asked if Matt could come back to our house and play!Jim, Amy, Mary Grace & Miller
the miller familyA great experience each time! We've had the most relaxed photo sessions with Matt and Angie - even with a newborn! My older kids actually enjoy themselves, and that comes through in the pictures.Kyle, Katy, Emerson, Avery & Harris
the Moser familyAngie and Matt Weedon are an amazing team and they've captured some of our favorite memories as a family. I can't imagine not having them as our photographer. They are memory catchers and an integral part of our journey with our kids.Paul, Kelly, Sophia & Hannah
the Scheer familyMatt and Angie are a perfect team and every time we use them we are thrilled with the experience from beginning to end! Angie’s ability to capture the personalities of our kids is amazing and the photos are always fantastic! Every time I pass one of their photos on the walls in our house, it makes me smile!Rick, Ashley, Campbell & Walker
the shanks familyWe believe that one of the most important things in life are photos.... concrete memories. Matt and Angie have documented our families most important moments in life, from the births of two sons, their milestones, family vacations, even our move out of state. Angie has the unique ability to capture our personalities and most importantly our love. Matt and Angie have given us beautiful photos that we cherish.Matt, Lise, Levi & Danny
the tallo familyWe have been clients for twelve years, starting when our son turned one. Angie is a true Master of her craft and never disappoints. Thank you for all the great memories you have captured....truly priceless!Len, Kelly & Peyton
the williamson familyWe have done several sessions with Matt and Angie and I can’t say enough great things about them and the amazing work they do. Angie's work is stunning and natural, a true representation of your family and the personality of each child. Everyone feels comfortable and at ease and it shows! We are so thankful to have the memories of our girls growing up displayed as beautiful artwork in our home. The Weedons are truly the very best at what they do and the nicest two people you will ever meet.Michael, Michelle, Lauren & Hailey
the weber familyThe photographs from Angela Weedon Photography are truly works of art. Together, Matt and Angie are able to connect with our young children and capture the most beautiful moments. Every time we meet I'm amazed at how they are able to get such great shots and situations! No one else comes close at seizing the memory in our opinion! We are thrilled to have these beautiful family albums and canvases in our home, truly priceless!John, Andrea, Nicolette & John
the wyatt familyYou all have been such a pleasure to work with and get to know! Your photos are spectacular and you always capture the perfect moments. Our family photos are gifts that we treasure every day. You are so incredibly talented and we are lucky to have you!Sean, Kristan, Hudson & Izzy
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