Natalie + Ben = ?

I loved getting to know these guys.  The conversation went something like this:

“Oh you play violin professionally for the Dallas Opera?  I’m in awe!  I played cello forever!”

“Oh you are studying to be a chiropractor?  I love chiropractors!”

“Oh you’re from Indiana?  I’m from Indiana!”

“Oh you used to live in Chicago?  I lived in Chicago!”

“You studied jazz at the University of Texas Dallas?  Our framer’s son is studying jazz at UTD.”

That last one was sort of a stretch.  But you get the idea.

First and foremost, this adorable couple is expecting a precious baby in a couple months.  And as much fun as we had together this week…..I have a feeling it will be even sweeter the next time.

And HOOOLLLLAAAA for the first time in I-don’t know-how-long-it’s-not-been-110 degrees-and-we-can-go-shoot-outside!!!!  Ninety-five degrees has never felt so refreshing….

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