my new assistant

It’s been so long since a blog post that I barely remember how to work this upload!  The last couple months were a total blur of round the clock shooting, editing, card designing, Christmas shopping, traveling, and finally…resting!  But now, we LOVE January.  It gives us time to reflect on the awesome past year and look forward to how we can improve the one coming up.  In the past I have felt so guilty about not blogging each shoot during our busy season, but thankfully this year I’m over it……you’ll just need to trust me when I say that 2011 was an amazing year for us and we got to see and photograph hundreds of beautiful, fun families along the way.  I’ll do my best to sneak in a few past sessions here on the blog (including our trip to NY, I’ll show that one soon!), but for now I’d like to show off my new assistant…..helping us out in the studio while photographing our previous assistant’s brand new baby.  Oh how we love Jen!!!  She was our first office assistant/nanny/everything girl. She was with us for 6 years before starting her own beautiful family….which now includes 3 year old Ian and brand new baby Caden.  My Ava was beyond excited to meet this new little man and when I asked her to be in the studio for her very first newborn session, she about exploded!

The two little men…..Jen I see this hanging above your mantle very soon!OK now I know this ought to go without saying, but Ava was NOT the only assistant in the room for this session.  Matt was .5 mm out of the frame for this shot.  We would never ever ever ever EVER think of photographing a baby in a bucket or any other prop without very experienced, steady hands inches away.  New photographers, please understand that the ONLY way to achieve safe newborn portraits is to work with an assistant.  One that is not 8 years old.  Please visit this link to learn more about what our community of newborn photographers do to ensure the safety of these most precious and fragile subjects.


  • Grethel - Super cute assistant and baby!!

  • Sophie - Such an adorable post, and that last image is pure perfection!!

  • marilu Johnson - Omg, Angie you did it again. What beautiful pictures you took of Ian & Caden. Absolutely love them ! You are so talented, they came out perfect. We enjoyed viewing them so much !!!!

  • Tira J - Such a fun time for Miss Ava in the studio. Love her shirt. And congrats to Jen, Caden is so handsome. Can’t wait to see more sneaks here on your blog. Happy New Year Angie!