My Ava+ My Cal

We reached a major milestone in the Weedon house over the long Easter weekend!  It now seems that my completely camera phobic kids have changed their tune….as long as there were ample bribes involved, they actually let me take their picture!  YESSSSS!!!  Now, I still could not style their outfits, run a brush through their hair, or scrub off the multitude of Easter tattoos all over their arms (thanks Photoshop!), but hey I am celebrating small victories here.  Here are our two spirited, amazing kids….one just turning three and the other about to be six.

  • Rachel - Loving these pictures!!! I have been searching for bluebonnets as beautiful as these…where are these taken???

  • jane - what outstandingly beautiful children/grandchildren we have! Love the colors

  • Tira J - Angie and Matt, you have beautiful children! And those bluebonnets are amazing! So glad they have changed their minds!

  • Grethel - Beautiful!!.. I love all of them

  • Christy - This is an amazing series!! I so love your work, and this series of your kids is the icing on the cake for me. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing!

  • Malissa Henrie - such beautiful pictures of your sweet kiddos!

  • Angie - Thanks everyone! They are super cute, huh? These pics were taken right down the road from us in Richardson. It is actually a median of North Star Rd. between Campbell and Renner. There are a ton of late blooming wild flowers about to go off there, too. I have an appointment next week that we’ll be shooting there. The kicker is that it needs to be LATE in the day. These were taken around 7 pm for the great light. Not so conducive to my regular working hours! 🙂 Anyone looking for a ridiculous field of bluebonnets needs to head to the Fujitsu headquarters at Shiloh and the George Bush. It is ca-razy right now. But, no tall grasses like I have in these pics, which I like equally as much…

  • Ruth Williams - WOW these are stunning Angie! I am so happy that they were cooperative – maybe they can talk to Jack? Your babies are just precious! I can’t get over how big Ava (and Jack!) are! Time flies.

  • Wendy Ellis - These are GORGEOUS Angie! There’s nothing wrong with a little bribe (at least I HOPE not, because I do it all the time with my kids! LOL) And I LOVE that they picked their own outfits. That alone will tell the story of their personalities at this age when you look back at these beautiful images years from now. 🙂

  • Kim - Ummmm hellooooo???? They are gorgeous and Ava is looking so grown up! Time flies way too fast!