More Boys….Ryan(10)+Davin (5 days)

Two more boys this past week… awesome big brother and his brand new baby.

Great Grandaddy’s boots….

Now, I am not originally from Texas, so I don’t get it.  But being an alumni of Texas A&M is a REALLY big deal.  Gig ’em!

  • jen - That boot shot is awesome!

  • ~ Donna - I love the first shot of the two boys and the family photo. In each of those frames big brother’s eyes/face are glowing with love and pride. It’s very endearing, got me a little teary eyed and I don’t even know this family. Angie, I’ve been following your blog for while and love your work.
    Had to post for this one. Oh, and the one baby Davin alone is precious.

  • Wendy Ellis - That first one is pure perfection! What a sweet big brother Davin has!

  • Jennifer - Love this family and love the photos! I am not a native Texan, so the Aggie thing was new to me also. But I do appreciate and admire the loyalty they have for their alma mater…..they show that same loyalty to their friends. I love y’all! Blessing to you….

  • Laura Rhine - Great Family Picture; even if you are wearing maroon!!
    The Rhines

  • Janan Miller - What wonderful pictures! Ryan looks so proud and Davin is beautiful! Congrats!