Are you ready?  Are you ready to see quite possibly the cutest family in America?  Ok, brace yourself….  🙂

May13b_AngelaWeedonBlog copy

  • Stacy - Angie and Matt,

    I wish you could see the silly grins on our faces each time we look at these photos. It is instant joy!

  • Celena - I adore these pics!!!

  • Jason - You guys are the best. You’ve set the bar pretty high over the years and never cease to amaze!

  • Beth - This is definitely the most beautiful family – inside and out! Love these pictures!

  • Laresa - Such gorgeous pictures. My favorite family ever and these pictures capture them perfectly! Wish I lived there to have you take our family pictures!

  • Gigi - What a fun day captured ! Beautiful. I can hear the laughter.

  • Stacey Cobb - These pictures are amazing…I think that the family and photography gets better every time you all get together!

  • Nina - Oh my goodness!! These are the best pictures!!! But look at what the photographer had to work with!! Such a darling family!!