From the fall…..gorgeous Madeline and Micah~

  • Lori - What beautiful pictures! They make me want to cry. I just love the Weedons!

  • Liset Lefebvre - Rebecca:

    The pictures are stunning! What a beautiful family you have! Wishing you all the best for 2013.

  • rebecca - Angie & Matt, You guys captured some awesome moments- thank you for making everything so fun and free-spirited! We will be calling again…

  • Amy - Sooooo gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Rebecca!

  • Jessie Feinstien - These kids are so cute! The first photo of the kids is unbelievable. What a beautiful family!

  • katie - Rebecca – These are gorgeous!! Love the pics in the field! You guys are a good looking family!

  • David Moreno - All those pictures are incredible!
    Michael, Rebecca, Madeline, and Micah all were captured in such a comfortable setting!

  • Michael - Angie & Matt- The pictures are phenomenal! We can’t wait to see the completed album. Thanks again!

  • Hortencia Garcia - Beautiful pictures! Your work is outstanding, but then the subjects you had to work with were perfect….from a proud grandmother.

  • Carol Weed - Astounding moments captured on film. What a talented photographer and beautiful, happy subjects!

  • Roland Garcia - These pictures are awesome! Nicely done, Weedon!

  • Lois Ricci - Wonderful photos.

  • Betty Bruton - Beautiful photos!

  • Belisa - Beautiful! Maddie looks just like you Rebecca!

  • Charisma - Spectacular! Madeline is gorgeous and I just want to squeeze baby Micah! So cute! LOVE the photos!

  • Alicia Porsa - What beautiful photos to capture a beautiful family in action!

  • Colleen Flynn - Wow…..they are beautiful. What granda would not help another grandma receive a gift to cherish forever. Hope you make it. Beautiful beautiful familia.

  • Willa - The pictures are great. I cannot believe how much Micah has grown & Maddie is more beautiful every day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary Barrera - Beautiful perfect moments captured – to be treasured by all our family. I love you, Aunt Mary

  • Evelyn - What beautiful pictures of my son and his family. My grandchildren are so very special.

  • Magdalena - Great pictures. Hortencia you have a beautiful family.

  • Amy Miller - Love it! Precious moments captured in beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. Love you

  • Gloria Lozano - Ur grandchildren r beautiful. Can’t wait to have some of my own. God bless them.

  • Margaret Reynolds - I love your Angels. They are your Stars

  • Neil Bowler - Love the light, love the energy in this set.

    Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing

  • Gayle Zieschang - These pictures are absolutely priceless. Maddie and Micah are so beautiful.