Madeline + Pace + Happy Rabbit

I know it was my dream as a little girl to have my own horse……I just don’t know if I would have been so adorable as to name it Happy Rabbit.  😉

  • Sarah Thomas - Angie and Matt,
    WOW, what amazing pictures. I don’t know how you pull off working with a horse and a two year old, but you did!
    These are amazing! Thank you so much for the memories you all provide us!
    Much love,
    Thomas Family

  • Sarah - Angie,
    These are amazing. Thank you so much for the amazing memories year after year!
    Thomas Family

  • Leesa Sandoval - I didn’t think you could out do last year …but adding Happy Rabbit was a great idea! Go Christa.

  • Lori Thomas - OMG !!!! These are wonderful !!! Could these two be any cuter ??? Darren and Sarah look great too – Great, great photos !!! That’s a Happy Rabbit –

  • Karis gross - Beautiful! My favorite is the first one of Maddie and HAppy RAbbit. 🙂

  • christy brown - Oh my…how stinkin cute! Ya’ll all look so beautiful. Love that Happy Rabbit.