Loved getting to see sweet Luke again….now with a brand new baby brother!

  • Cait - Just gorgeous – what a precious, flawless baby

  • Lashon - Absolutely gorgeous boys! The pics are awesome. Great job.

  • Amy - Breathtakingly beautiful! Love the artistry of how Luke’s blue eyes pop in the sea of soft cuddly innocence of the first photo.

  • Amy - Breathtakingly beautiful! Love the artistry of how Luke’s blue eyes pop in the soft cuddly innocence of the first photo.

  • Gaill Hildenbrand - You take the most wonderful pictures! i am the proud grandpa of Luke and Ryan.

  • David - What fantastic photos. The posing of the subjects and the photography is amazing, and of course the subjects are adorable as well. Excellent work Angela!

  • Susannah - Beautiful pictures of beautiful children!! I’m so proud to have such adorable nephews!!!

  • Rebecca - Absolutely stunning – beautiful children and amazing photography.

  • Wan - it must be easy to take beautiful pictures when you have beautiful subjects. Great pictures job well done

  • Angie - Amazing pictures!!

  • Drew - Great photos. Such handsome fellas.

  • Don - I’ve never seen such beautiful photos and children. Both are amazing. Luke’s eyes and hair are perfect in the first picture.

  • Don - The photos are excellent. Each one is amazing.

  • Anne - these are awesome. i can’t wait to see the rest this afternoon. thank you so much for a wonderful experience in your studio. it was great to see how comfortable you made Luke feel…i could tell he was enjoying himself. it was also great to see how well you and Matt work tother.

  • Angela - Oh Thanks Anne so much for such a nice message! Look forward to seeing you this afternoon….

  • Doug - Anne & Michael you have truley been blessed with two great kids! Amazing images that capture a perfect moment.

  • Tracey Henderson - Luke is absolutely beautiful….you can use that term for boy until they are old enough to hate it!! Looks like Ryan was having a very happy dream there! Anne is in trouble….three men to deal with now.

  • Samantha and Dean - What beautiful pictures of such gorgeous boys!!

  • Ortrun - BEAUTIFUL – I love their skin and the way RyRy’s hands are around his face in the first one! The second one is an amazing shot – I feel like I can reach out and grab his feet : ) I’m pretty sure that’s the prettiest baby ever! You can tell he’s a relaxed and happy baby : ) What a beautifully captured moment with Daddy. Where’s Mommy : )

  • Charlet - the most precious boys! : )

  • Barb Brown - These photos are awesome. You have some pretty handsome boys!

  • Michael - Angie and Matt – Wonderful job as always. Thank you for your fine work. Michael.